Dinnerware: I highly recommend metal plates and Corelle dinnerware because they are unbreakable and don’t retain odor. I hate hate hate the expensive fancy silicone dinnerware advertised for babies and toddlers – has anyone ever eaten from them? Because if you have, you’ll want to vomit…the silicone retains odors and the food is IMHO virtually inedible. I also love the Oxo Tot fork and spoon set, it’s super ergonomic; the Modern Twist silicone bibs which almost no one seems to know about but I think are perfect for babies and smaller toddlers, unlike the gigantic silicone ones. Also, Bapron Baby splash mats are the cutest splash mats (a must for baby/toddler eating), washable, thin and easy to pack as picnic blankets. #katesfav