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Ditch the myth and do you
Being a minority woman, professional, and parent today is not easy–it can feel downright impossible sometimes. We get the message from society, family, and past traumas that we should be able to do it all perfectly, with every millisecond infused with pure radiant joy. But life is often messy, confusing, depressing, monotonous, anxious, lonely, invisible, shameful, and bone-tiring. The gap between the many many “shoulds” and our reality can lead us to consume so much energy putting on a front and chasing a path that harms us and our kids. Model Minority Moms is a podcast that tells you you’re not crazy, affirms that your lived experience is real and shared, and helps guide your life back to you.

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What our listeners are saying:

“The brutal honesty with which you talk about parenthood, race, money, privilege, career, family and success is what keeps me coming back.”

— Wei W.

“The immigrant experience in the context of parenting gives me empathy for my own parents, friends and people around her.”

— Samantha K.

“When I feel stressed, listening to you guys makes me feel more validated and less stressed. It’s like instant access to my girlfriends who get it.”

— Amy M.

“It’s nice to hear someone else articulate things that we’ve dealt with in our lives but haven’t really discussed with others because of shame…It’s so important for men to understand women’s perspectives and it’s hard to have these conversations with your spouse.”

— Harold K.

“I was totally drawn in by your humility, vulnerability, and honesty in talking about all kinds of stuff that I have also been reflecting on but seldom take time to talk about aloud.”

— Tracy N.

“You talk about the balanced reality of parenting – both the hard things and the best things. I listen while I do chores at night. It makes it go by faster!”

— Natassia K.

“I love how many topics Kate, Susan and Jeanette touch on that so many people often overlook. It’s so refreshing to know that I’m not the only one facing the challenges they talk about, thank you for being so honest and open about sharing!”

— Jenn J.

“At first my plan was to get a taste and then save the episodes to listen later. Once I started listening, I could not stop. Y’all are candid, funny and fierce.”

— HS

“At first myI just had my second child a few weeks ago, and this is the perfect podcast to listen to. Listening to it feels like catching up with your mom gir;friends who just get it and can help you process all the crazy highs and lows of working motherhood. I HIGHLY recommend for any new moms, veteran moms, soon to be/ considering to become moms, and really anyone who wants to understand why their mom friends have started acting like caged feral cats…”

— Ivy W.

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A little about us…

Susan is a freelance artist who lives in West Seattle with her husband and son.

Kate is a consultant working in higher education data analytics who lives on Mercer Island with her husband and daughter.

Jeanette is a entrepreneur living in Seattle with her husband and two kids. She was formerly a product manager and management consultant.

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